Bespoke Sourcing

Let us source your Investment Arm Candy

MHH offers the bespoke sourcing of investment grade handbags for our worldwide family. 
This unique service is possible due to the trusted and longstanding relationships we have with prestigious designers in key fashion capitals across the globe.
Our presence extends across London, the US, France, Australia and South Africa. This means that the MHH team is plugged into the exclusive circles that allow us to source investment grade handbags at competitive prices.  
All our handbags are sourced directly by our team and are fully authenticated before being couriered to your door.   
Interested? Send us an email to find out more: 

Authentication and Verification

Now that you have found love, make sure it is real...

At MHH, one of our core goals is to build and reinforce trust within our community. In addition to sourcing bespoke investment-grade handbags, we also provide an authentication service that is backed by a financial guarantee. As designer handbags continue to be coveted by women worldwide, it is crucial to ensure that your hard-earned money is spent on authentic goods. 

Although there are countless "self-professed" handbag authentication experts advertising their services online, we rely on what we know and trust: science and data. By using a system that combines artificial intelligence and machine learning, we are able to avoid the likelihood of human error in a world where counterfeit goods are increasingly difficult to spot. We make use of an intensive detection system that has extremely high accuracy rate and that is backed by a financial guarantee.

Our guarantee states that any item we verified to be authentic and have issued a certificate for will be backed financially for the certificate holder. 

We support the following brands: